am 8:30-11:30
pm 0:30-3:00
Endoscopy &
1-2 Weeks

Patient safety

Patients examined and treated in the clinic are covered by the public patient insurance.

The clinic personnel are covered by a professional liability insurance.

The Labour Supervisory Authority has inspected the clinic and found that it meets all requirements. The danish "Green Smiley" has been issued.

Examinations and treatments follow established clinical guidelines.

Instrument handling/sterilization: MELAG "Class B" autoclave meets the highest standards for autoclaves.

Sterilization Control: MELAcontrol indicator system that meets the European standard EN 867-5.

Monthly analysis certificate from the Danish Serum Institute's control of biological indicators (ISO 11138-3).

Endoscopysterilisation: Olympus ETD3 Peracetic acid processor.